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Unlocking the Mystery of B12

Chances are you or someone you know suffers from fatigue, brain-fog, pain, depression, neuropathy, infertility or dementia…and chances are, they don’t know why.  


Most people are surprised to learn that one small vitamin deficiency (a B12 deficiency) can cause all these conditions and more---and yet it’s so poorly understood that failure to diagnose and treat a B12 deficiency properly is causing large scale chronic illness around the world.


SILENT EPIDEMIC:  unlocking the mystery of B12 is a groundbreaking new documentary that takes a deep dive into the importance, history and emerging science around this one essential molecule. Every single cell in our body requires B12 to function properly. We need it to produce DNA, red blood cells, energy production, cell metabolism, and to maintain a healthy brain and nervous system, which is why, the consequences of a B12 deficiency can be so devastating.  It can cause brain damage, nerve damage, autism like symptoms, even blindness. 


But as essential as B12 is for the body, it’s equally as complex, which is possibly why understanding it has been so difficult…until now. Huge advancements in science over the past decade including genetic analysis and a better understanding of metabolism and pathophysiology are making it possible to finally crack the mystery of B12 and the hopeful news is that as debilitating as a B12 deficiency can be---the cure can be surprisingly simple.  


The mission of this film is to engage and educate and help put an end a silent epidemic that’s causing needless suffering for millions of people around the world. 

Unlocking the Mystery of B12
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